Hello, I’m Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri!


Divya MahaSakthi Upaasakan Jyothisha - Pooja Pandithan Brahmasree MangulamSuresh Namboothiri

Human being is blessed with the ability to know the secrets of the nature. The Astrological services and Poojas done by Pandit Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri is especially blessed by the divine Mahasakthi with the ability to dig into the mine of mysterious secrets of human mind. He finds out solutions the human mind is seeking for to its problems.

Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri is known in Mumbai and other States by his great ability to liven up with Sankarachariya Vidhi Pooja methods the innate divine forces within body which are in sleeping condition because of ignorance and wrongdoings. He is considered to be a rare phenomenon with the ability purify the human body purging it of evil forces.

This ability was inherited by him from his ancestors at Mangulath Mana in Kerala. Through ages, this divine insight was transcended firstly from Devas to Vedas, then to Rishis and from Rishis to great families like Mangulath Mana to become beneficial to the people in general.

Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri was born on 07th April 1970 at the Mangulath Mana in Thrikariyoor village in Kerala as son of Mangulam Vishnu Namboothiri and Sridevi Antharjanam. This village was one of the capital centres of Chera Kings and was the originating place of the traditional arts like Sangakali and Kolkali. It was blessed with the presence of Sree Thrikariyoor Pureshan and prospered by the grace of Sree Parasu Raman.

Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri completed Upanayana at the age of 07 years. He gained Vedic knowledge at Irinjaalakuda Kanchi Kamakodi Veda Padasala from his uncle and famous Vedic scholar Amallur Manakkal Sree Thrivikraman Namboothiri for 10 years. He continued practising poojas under another uncle and famous Tantric Tharananellur Padmanabhan Namboothiri, who had been Thanthri of many famous temples in Kerala State like Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple, Kottarakkara Ganapathy Temple, Kudal Manikyam Temple, Saarkara Devi Temple, etc. It was under Thuruthiyil Krishnan Namboothiri, he gained expertise in Astrology, Thamboolam, Prashnam and Mashi Nottam.

He arrived in Mumbai in 1986 after attaining much experience in poojas from temples in Kerala like Thrikkariyoor Mahadevar Temple and Chittakkattukavu Bhagawati Temple,Anusakithi Nagar Ayyappa Temple(Mumbai)Shell colony ,Sakinaka ,Sahar  Powai ,Shivaji  Nagar . He was lucky enough to get opportunities to lead poojas and homams in many temples in Mumbai.

In 1992, he started a Jyothisha madam namely 'Sree Mookambika Jyothishalayam' for poojas and others. Very soon it attained good faith and attention from everybody through astrological solutions and poojas. Today it is very famous in all over india.

By the grace of Sree Mookambika Devi, Sree Dharma Sastha, Family Goddess Raktheswari, Family God Ugra Narasimha Moorthi, Parama Sivan, Upaasana Moorthy Chittekkat Kavilamma,  Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri gained fame in poojas, homams and astrological predictions. He is suggesting good astrological solutions and performing those solutions to the problems like enmity, accidents, diseases, failures in businesses, lack of offsprings, obstacles in education, profession, employment, marriage, etc through Kerala traditions of poojas and rituals. He is also conducting Mahaganapati Homam and Mahabhagavati Seva in the month of Karkitaka,  Ayyappa Maha Pooja during Mandala period, Vidyarambam, Annadanam, Akshayatritheeya Pooja etc.

Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri, who is blessed with the experience of peace and satisfaction in the field of spirituality says, “Bhakthi or devotion should always be pious and full of prayers. The experience of Bhakthi is non-descriptive and unobservable and it is happening at a transcendental level.”   He continued that the basis of his all activities is the task of raising all to this higher conscious level. What he demands from his clients is also this.

From birth to death, an individual has to overcome many obstacles (vignas). Vigna is a force. One attains success in true sense only when the vignas are overcome. So, we don't have to worry about vignas. So try to live effectively and successfully realizing that the vignas are given by God as a testing or destiny, says Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri. “What I do through my services is to help people to overcome their obstacles through simple and transparent ways,” he continued. “I became the disciple of Maha Sakthi, of which the world is filled with, to help people to solve their problems,” says Mangulam.

Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri is leading human minds to peace not only through poojas and manthras,but also through spiritual thoughts. He prays for the grace of God in order to provide peace of mind and prosperity to all in this world through Jyothisham, poojas, homams and others.

Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri is married to Thara S. Antharjanam, who is from Muthoot Nellikkunnathu Madom, Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta district, Kerala. They have two daughters namely Sree Rudra and Souparnika and one son, Sabarish.