Pujas have been a method of healing and attaining well-being and taking each one of us closer to the Supreme Being.Pujas have also been a means of showing our reverence for Mother Nature.

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Homa is a Sanskrit word, which refers to any kind of "ritual in offerings" that is made into a consecrated fireplace.
It can also be referred to as Homam/ havan.

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A Yantra is a symbolic diagrammatic representation of a Deity, or parts of human body, various aspects of life – both spiritual and material, the shad chakras, the nadi centers etc.

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Sree Mookambika Jyothishalayam is providing various services to the benefits of the public at large from time to time at free of cost. Sree Mookambika Jyothishalayam is getting enormous co-operation and support from the general public for this philanthropical endeavours. The Jyothishalayam is conducting Mahaganapati Homam and Mahabhagavati Seva in the month of Karkitaka, Ayyappa Mahapooja during Mandala period, Vidyarambam, Annadanam, etc. It provides free matrimonial services under 'Sree Rudra Matrimonials'. The Candidates and their parents can register names at the offices of Sree Mookambika Jyothishalayam and select suited matches from other profiles. The Jyothishalayam assists to check horoscopic matching.


Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri

Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri is known in Mumbai and other States by his great ability to liven up with Sankarachariya Vidhi Pooja methods the innate divine forces within body which are in sleeping condition because of ignorance and wrongdoings. He is considered to be a rare phenomenon with the ability purify the human body purging it of evil forces. This ability was inherited by him from his ancestors at Mangulath Mana in Kerala. Through ages, this divine insight was transcended firstly from Devas to Vedas, then to Rishis and from Rishis to great families like Mangulath Mana to become beneficial to the people in general.

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Upcomming Poojas

17 th MAHA AYYAPPA Pooja  (2020 JAN   2 )

How is the Year 2020going to be for you?
Are you under the influence of the planet Shani? Guru? any  other Evils? There is a solution to all your problems at Sree Mookambika Jyotishalayam... 

Dear Devotees,

With the blessings of Lord Ayyappa, we have great pleasure to inform you all that as in the previous years, this year also, we are celebrating MahaAyyappapooja, MahaShaniDoshaNivarana Yagnam and Nava Chandika Homam under the guidance of BrahmashreeMankulam Suresh Namboothiri, on Thursday  2nd  January 2020.
As usual, this year also, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, all devotees are welcome to participate in the MahaYagna to receive the blessings of Kaliyugavaradan Lord Ayyappa. All devotees are invited to take part in the MahaPoojas and Anna Prasadam.
To conduct the above poojas and distribution of Anna Prasadametc your valued offerings are most welcome

Brahmasree Managulam Suresh Namboothiri


Ashta Dravya Maha Ganapathi homam (Kallor Narayanan Namboothiri,, )

Ayyappa Vigraha Prathishta
(Shabarimala Mun Melshanthi Narayanan Namboothiri)


Shani dosha Nivarana Yagnam
(Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri )
10am  Guru Shanthi homam (Mangulam  suresh Namboothiri )
Kozhikkodu Prashanth Varma

01 pm
Maha prasada oottu

(Uthama kNamboothiri)

Swami Brahma Vidanantha ,Mumbai

6.00 pm Thiruvathira (shivaparvathi thiruvathirakali sangham )
6.30 pm 
Maha Deeparadhana

Sangeetha Sandhya  (T.S.Radhakrishna ji )

Nava Chandika Homam
(BahamasreeMangulam Suresh Namboothiri)


offerings :

!)Ashtta Dravya Maha Ganapathi Homam Rs: 1001

2)Maha Shanidosha Nivarana Yagnam: Rs: 2,501

3) Nava Chandika Homam Rs: 3001

4) Pushpabhishekam Rs 5001

5)Niramala vilakku Rs 10,001

6) Udayasthamana Pooja 25,001

7)Maha prasada Oottu Rs 50,000

8) Guru Shanthi Homam  Rs 2001

9)Archana,Neeranjanam,Neivilakku  Rs:25

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